About the Trust

Welcome to the Redditch RSA Academies Trust website. We hope that the site gives you the information you would like to know about our Trust, how it operates, the schools in the Trust, and the benefits of being in the RSA Family of Academies.

A short video showcasing the schools in the Trust.

The Trust

Redditch RSA Academies is a group of inclusive schools working together so that all aim high and achieve their very best. Discovery and innovation are at the heart of all that we do. Learning for each person in the Trust schools is significantly enhanced by the strengths of our collaborations through the RSA and other partnerships. We aim for our schools to be recognised as outwardly facing learning communities, proactive in partnerships locally, nationally and internationally to ensure we achieve our vision. The Redditch RSA schools work within the wider RSA Family of Academies, in the true spirit of collegiality, to secure the best possible education for each and every child.

Our journey to date:

The Redditch RSA Academies Trust was founded in September 2012, when Arrow Vale Community High School (13-19) joined the RSA Family of Academies and became RSA Academy Arrow Vale.  The Trust was set up as a Multi-Academy Trust so that other local schools could join the Trust.  Ipsley Middle School (9-13) joined the Redditch Trust, and RSA Academies, in January 2013, becoming Ipsley CE RSA Academy.  The two schools are a five minute walk door to door on the Matchbrough/Winyates learning campus

The two schools have worked incredibly closely, and now operate under shared staffing structures, especially at Senior and Middle level.  Both schools retain a substantive Principal, under the leadership of a Trust CEO/Exedcutive Principal, Guy Shears, who is also Principal of Arrow Vale.  Nicola Beech is Principal at Ipsley.

In January 2016, the Trust expanded to four schools.  The other middle school in the Arrow Vale pyramid of schools, Church Hill Middle School (9-13), and one of the five first schools in the pyramid, Abbeywood First School (3-8), joined the RSA Family of Academies, and legally joined the Redditch RSA Academies Trust on 1st March 2016.  The two schools, Abbeywood First School-an RSA Academy, and Church Hill Middle School-an RSA Academy,  sit door-to-door to each other on the same site on the Church Hill/Abbeywood learning campus, a ten minute drive from the Matchborough/Winyates Campus. Both schools are under the leadership of Di Smith, Executive Headteacher, who is also the Trust’s Early Years and Primary Curriculum Advisor, with a Head of School for each school (at Abbeywood, Deena Frost, and at Church Hill, Andrew Fisher).

We are actively seeking, as part of our Trust Strategic Planning, to grow the Trust from within, and beyond our pyramid of schools, in primary and secondary settings.


All Through Provision

An ‘all-through (3-19) Trust – providing seamless education

The Trust is organised into primary and secondary teams, so that age-specific primary specialists are best placed to deliver outstanding learning to all children in the Trust. Superb primary delivery takes place at Abbeywood, Church Hill and Ipsley. The secondary delivery is arranged through subject specialist teams, currently delivering outstanding outcomes by aged 16 in the vast majority of subject areas, from Year 7 upwards at Church Hill, Ipsley and Arrow Vale.

Primary years:

The Trust has a fully ‘primary’ model of delivery up to the age of 11. Staff at Abbeywood/Church Hill have an on-site primary delivery, but with the added benefit for years 5 and 6 of access to specialist resources and rooms designed for the older students in years 7 and 8. Year 5 and 6 at Ipsley are also taught in a full primary school methodology. Primary expertise can, of course, move between the campuses, all staff are employed by the Trust, and so the potential for staff to gain a ‘full’ and rich primary experience is high. Teachers Looking for ‘primary’ experience from Early Years through to Year 6, but with on-site access to year 7 and 8 also, and as part of the Arrow Vale Teaching School Alliance have access to amazing professional development opportunities.

 Secondary years:

Ipsley and Arrow Vale are set up with a ‘secondary school’ model of delivery for learners aged 11-19, led under a normal secondary leadership model with a split-site delivery (five minute walk/one minute drive door to door). Year 7 and 8 are taught by secondary experts on site at Ipsley, before moving to Arrow Vale for Year 9. Subject teams are responsible for standards of excellence and seamless delivery from year 7 upwards. With Church Hill joining the Trust, subject teams now have the opportunity to deliver seamless excellence to all learners who will progress to Arrow Vale. All learners in the pyramid will have the same curriculum expertise and delivery before moving on to Arrow Vale in year 9, which clearly enables the best possible grounding for their GCSEs and A levels. 

All-through delivery

staff have the opportunity to work in a range of settings, allowing flexibility based on their aspiration. We have had secondary staff who have migrated into primary delivery, and primary staff choosing to deliver across both primary and secondary years. For those wanting to progress into senior leadership, the exposure to expert delivery for all years is undoubtedly a superb grounding for this, whether primary or secondary senior leadership is the desired aim.

The senior and middle leaders in all four schools are engaged in ensuring the delivery in early years are effectively and seamlessly built upon as children progress through the age-ranges within the Trust. The close collaboration between primary leaders and the secondary leaders has led to adjustment of the curriculum. The skills, knowledge and understanding in the first few years of a learner’s school life, already excellent at Abbeywood, have been tweaked to ensure that the right skills are developed to ensure exceptional success by 19. For instance, English leaders have looked at the knowledge, understanding and skills required to get a grade 9 in the new English Literature GCSE, and are tweaking the curriculum content and delivery to ensure that the right grounding is achieved. Equally, secondary leaders have adjusted the delivery of subjects to ensure that the excellent skills lower down are most effectively built upon.


Future Growth

Our Strategic Plan outlines our desire as a Trust to continue to grow in our pyramid to best meet all of the children’s needs in the ‘new town’ pat of Redditch.  We also aim to grow the number of primary and secondary phase schools within our Trust from beyond our pyramid of schools.

The all-through collaboration is already making a significant positive difference to those children in our Trust. The Trust is an exciting place to teach, with professional development opportunities being far higher than in a purely primary, or secondary setting. The Teaching School Alliance trains teachers for all age ranges, and the leadership and teacher learner opportunities are immense in this outstanding setting.


Visit or contact us

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of our Trust and the schools within it. Clearly, visiting the schools will give much greater insight, should you wish to do so. If you have any questions, or would like to visit, please contact the schools direct. You will find the details for each school in the ‘our schools’ section of the website.