Our Vision

Vision and mission (why we exist)

Vision statement

Exceptional Schools, Outstanding People

Working together, our exceptional RSA Academies, have the power to create learning that is inspirational for all, sparking imagination, enables creativity and the highest achievement; people are happy, developing the skills and networks for success and fulfilment – in our powerful communities everything is possible and aspirations are high.

Outcomes are outstanding.

Mission statement

We will achieve our ambitions by ensuring:

Excellence in learning where young people are enabled to be creative and turn their ideas into action;

A diverse, inspirational curriculum, with exciting enrichment and leadership opportunities;

The development of skills and networks for the future, including for the world of work; Creative, resourceful staff facilitating challenging and stimulating learning;

Values are fostered in a safe and happy environment so that our young people develop into responsible, confident and successful members of our community and wider society;

That we have high standards of governance, that we are financially secure and are effectively led and managed.

Strategic objectives (what we aim to achieve)


Exceptional learners. Learners who are highly successful with the attributes, skills and qualifications for a fulfilling life. They have a high quality school experience, and an enjoy an abundance of opportunities

Outstanding people. A learning team of governors, leaders, staff, and other stakeholders who are highly skilled, hard-working and determined to enable the success of others.

Strong partnerships & communities. Our Trust and schools work closely with our local community and parents to secure the best outcomes and opportunities for our pupils. The RSA, our wider links and other networks are powerful in supporting the development of tomorrow’s citizens.

Creative schools and systems. Effective and sustainable schools that are vibrant, safe, compliant, financially healthy, well resourced, and exceptionally well governed and led.

Core values (what lies at the heart of all we do?

As schools in a multi-academy trust sponsored by the RSA, our core values embrace each school’s uniqueness and the community it serves, whilst seeking to learn from and share with each other in order to develop academic and wider excellence. As RSA Academies we subscribe to important commitments related to creativity, skill development, the arts, diversity of experience and preparation for the world of work. We foster learners to develop powerful thinking and turn their ideas into practical actions… we call this the Power to Create.

Our values:
Community, Dignity, Social justice, Inclusivity, Optimism, Creativity, Wisdom, Care, Fun, Respect, Confidence, Resilience