RSA Redditch Trust Schools

The RSA Redditch Trust Schools are listed below. However, other schools in the RSA Family of Academies (outside of Redditch) include Whitley Academy (Coventry), Holyhead School (Birmingham) and RSA Academy (Tipton – West Midlands).

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We want to share in the good practice that each of the schools in the RSA Redditch Trust have, but also ensure that we continue our fine track record of excellent provision, aspiration and uniqueness at Abbeywood.


A happy, purposeful and welcoming community, based on caring relationships and respect for each individual.


The Academy will be an innovative, inclusive, purposeful learning environment committed to serving our community by providing education of the highest quality within the context of Christian Beliefs and practice.


Our ethos is simple. We expect a lot of our students – we expect them to work very hard to fulfill their potential and reach the highest standards through high quality teaching and caring support.