Why Join the Trust?

Leadership Support

Direct support for school leaders and governors in the development of a strong and sustained trajectory of school improvement through management support including data analysis and follow up, appraisal and CPD and governor support and training.

Schools often have great leaders – when they leave a gap can emerge. When a gap emerges in our Trust, it is the Trust that is responsible for ensuring continuity of provision. If a difficulty arises, we are duty bound to support – ‘the wagons will circle’ and sustainable solutions ensured. This is not always easy in a ‘stand-alone’ academy. We strongly believe that school leaders and teachers can share thinking and planning, to spread expertise and tackle challenges ahead.  Each of our senior leaders and Heads have a strength and expertise in a variety of different areas.  Together we collectively learn and benefit from each other’s’ knowledge and develop our leadership to support the development of our children and schools.


Principals working collaboratively

A leadership role for all Principals, in primary and secondary settings, to drive the Trust mission as part of our Trust Executive Team, which identify key priorities and shape the future direction of the Trust


School Improvement Capacity

Direct support in school for teachers and leaders from our own core team, which includes NLEs, SLE’s, experienced Ofsted inspectors as well as commissioned highly effective school improvers. More so, support for colleagues in school in all areas from experts within our other schools, All staff and leaders, in all of our schools, take responsibility for all pupils in all of our schools. We take the view where there is success, we have all succeeded, and if we experience failure in any area, we have all failed.


All through collaboration and expertise – 3-19

Engagement for staff in a range of networks, teams, research groups and initiatives to develop effective practice in all areas of school improvement from Early Years through to post-16 

For example, we have, as RSA Academies, gained grant funding from the Pears Foundation, of £80000 to develop staff training and delivery on managing mental health in schools. Experts from all setting will contribute to this, gaining professional knowledge and growth as a result, which of course in turn benefits the young people in all of our schools.


Professional development and growth through school to school support in a range of settings and across the age ranges

Opportunities to work in other schools within and beyond our MAT, across the RSA Family of Academies as leaders, coaches and direct classroom support and/or in an advisory capacity for other Trust activities.


Capacity through scale

We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Any income we receive is spent for the benefit of our pupils. We aim to grow, and have a strategic growth plan, in a way that benefits our own pupils and the pupils of schools wishing to join us. Schools must sign up in principal to the key strands of RSA Academies – social justice, creativity, academic standards, well-being, breadth of curriculum, community and the arts

Support services for finance, ICT, procurement, human resources, and data are led by a Central Team operating across the Trust. The Central Team budget has a maximum annual cost of 4 per cent of the Trust’s budget, which means that 96 per cent of the Trust’s budget goes directly to individual academies. We do not pay our Trustees.

The economies of scale gained by being part of a group of schools, we can demonstrate, more than pay for the central costs, and of course give the strong benefits gained by not working in isolation in these areas. We are growing expert teams with high capacity, rather than as an individual academy trying to procure services in all areas, of which the academy has little control over the quality of delivery.

All of this means pupils get better provision than that of most schools working in isolation, and through scale, succession planning means that vacancies can be covered much more easily without damage to pupil learning or provision quality.


Superb professional development

We ensure access to a full range of professional development opportunities for all staff from NQT’s through to senior leaders through our Teaching School offer. We are a National Teaching School as a Trust, with strong provision in both primary and secondary phases, training our own teachers in both phases. As leaders of the RSA Academies Teaching School Alliance, we have the added capacity and knowledge from two other RSA teaching schools, Whitley in Coventry and Holyhead in Birmingham.


Teacher recruitment

Recruitment of staff is strong, and with current challenges in shortage areas, this is a great benefit. Staff want to work in RSA Academies, and as a result we are lucky to be able to select from the very best to work with our children.


Succession planning

We have a detailed succession plan for all our settings, making us able to plan for areas hard to recruit to, and to map career progression for talented leaders across our settings, so that expertise and quality is grown from within. The ability for staff to access such a wide pool of talent and knowledge makes our staff strong – staff retention and progression within the family is very high – leading to the best staff staying in our schools – As a result, all of our young people gain from high quality staff at all levels of all of our schools.